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10 Tips to Motivate and Empower Foreign Fmcg Distributors

10 tips

In our first article we offered tips on how and where to locate professional fmcg importers. In the second article we offered suggestions on how to evaluate foreign fmcg distributors before appointing them. In this article, we are forwarding tips on motivating and empowering foreign fmcg distributors after you have appointed them.

By keeping your foreign distributor motivated, you will be able to increase sales and profits in highly competitive foreign markets.  Treat your fmcg distributors as part of your company by providing them with Marketing assistance.

Following are 10 tips to motivate and empower your foreign fmcg distributors.

  1. Reply to all correspondence/inquiries from your distributor immediately.
  2. Send information to the distributor. He expects to receive periodic information on your company's new products.
  3. Send giveaways and free samples to the distributor bearing your company's name and logo.
  4. Offer incentive prices for expanded sales.
  5. Reward a successful distributor with an exclusive contract.
  6. Modify product or introduce new products to suit the market.
  7. Offer credit terms that are competitive or better, both in length and method of payments, such as open account for 60 days or longer. Take advantage of direct wire transfers.  Accept partial payment upfront with full payment to be made 2-3 days prior to product being shipped.
  8. Develop promotion through clear and impressive export catalogs, plenty of samples for customers, and participation in local trade fairs.
  9. Visit the distributor periodically. There is no better way to truly understand a specific market than to visit. Every distributor wants and expects a visit from his supplier.
  10. Finally, keep your fmcg distributors interested. For distributors are under constant pressure to take on a new range or a new supplier.  If your distributor is strong, there will be many other exporters who want to steal him. Any assistance that you can provide in marketing the products will improve the relationship and help both of you to sell more products. Your constant support will keep your distributor interested and stop him being tempted away.
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